Thinking about bad food can make you fatter!

Have you ever been so hungry all you can think about is getting your hands on any food available and devouring it? Even if that possibility is still hours away, a funny thing happens - you might start salivating. 

Salivation helps us prepare food for digestion, which is all good, but if lunchtime is a long way off and you are stuck in a meeting it we are salivating in vain.  

But salivation is not the only physiological response that occurs at the mere thought of food, we can also produce insulin. That's because our mind has trouble determining what is real and what is imagined sometimes and THAT can be bad news when it comes to dieting.

So if are eating celery sticks because you need to lose a few pounds, but all you can think about is pizza or donuts, it could be as damaging as falling off the wagon.

One of roles insulin plays is to inhibit the break down of fat cells and stimulate the creation of body fat, so when insulin is in your system, you won't be losing much weight even if your diet remains clean. 

Thoughts therefore, can and do affect our biology and create a physiological readiness, for something merely imagined.

And that means just thinking about food can make you fat, or at least temporarily stall your weight loss. The good news is, as long as you don’t cave in and buy a pizza, insulin clearance will be quite fast meaning you are back to normal in about 30 minutes.

But what happens if the whole time you are on a diet you think about nothing but meat pies and chocolate? Your insulin levels could go up and down and you will eventually believe the diet is not working and you are born to be fat.

That would be a mistake though and probably a clear sign that you are addicted to sugary, processed food the same way a druggy is hooked on methamphetamine. Your drug of choice though is EVERYWHERE - on billboards, in vending machines and sitting within easy reach on just about every shop counter in the country - good luck NOT thinking about it. 

The good news is that if the mere thought of bad food can start an unwanted biological reaction so that you can 'think yourself fat', by the same logic, you can think yourself slim.

But to do that you first have to cure your addiction and the best way to do THAT is get rid of the cravings and hunger altogether and get back in control of your food choices. 

That's what Beyond your Belly is all about; we avoid insulin spikes, reduce cravings, and manage the 'hunger hormone' ghrelin to give you the best chance of succeeding. 

If you are planning on using sheer will power to lose weight, check out our program so that your mind doesn't derail you as you bravely sip water next to you beer swilling mates.


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