The strange relationship between men and their bellies

Men are simple creatures, at least that’s what the much-more-complicated women in our lives tell us - but that doesn’t seem to apply when it comes to our bellies!

We all know a big belly is bad; our doctor tell us that, the health statistics tell us that, how we feel tells us that and most likely the women in our lives tell us that in a variety of loving ways like: ‘your beer gut’s too big’ or ‘I don’t find you attractive anymore’, or ‘you’re fat and disgusting’

Despite possibly losing our gal, our health, and our life, when it comes to a big belly, men suddenly get complex and instead of dealing with the problem (like we do in every other facet of life), we find work arounds and try to make our belly a status symbol.

We readily embrace being known as the cuddly guy, the big bear, the funny-fat dude and all our mates embrace it too!

But in those dark moments when our back’s playing up, or we have severe reflux, or we get a medical scare, or we feel too tired to play with our kids, our mates aren’t there, the nicknames don’t help and we recognise the badge of honour around our waist for what it is – a curse.

Instead of skipping the two meat pies for breakfast, or getting help though, we usually try exercise and start walking to work, taking the stairs, joining a gym, but that won’t help (find out why here: https://www.beyondyourbelly.com/page/free-stuff/), we have to change our diet gentlemen – there’s no way around it!

So sticking your head in the sand is a terrible long-term strategy for that belly, because if you look overweight, I guarantee there’s already a load of fat inside your body that you can’t see. It lurks around your internal organs, hardening your arteries and making your heart work way harder than it should like a 50cc engine trying to power a truck.

It is time to stop being so damn complex about our bellies. Go get some help, find a healthy eating program. Once you lose the belly and get a new nickname like ‘slim’ or ‘little bear’ and the funny-fit dude, your mates will love you just as much and your missus will probably love you even more.

Then we can get back to keeping it simple.  


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