Not sick is not well!

The medical industry from doctors and hospitals to pharmacies, is set up to help stop you feeling unwell, sick and dis-eased.

The industry is based on pairing symptoms with likely causes and then prescribing medicine to stop or reduce the effects of these symptoms. They do it so well the global pharmaceutical industry will reach an estimated $1,226.0 billion profit in 2018.

But stopping symptoms does not mean you are ‘healthy’ or feeling good, it just means you don’t feel so bad. How did we begin to accept a state of not feeling bad as good health? That’s a very low benchmark and not one we would accept from our kids. Imagine if not getting expelled from school was considered being a good student?

Good health means you feel energetic, strong, alert, motivated, perky even! It means  you are not carrying excess weight or existing in a constant state of low level stress or anxiety. It means you have some balance between mind, body and spirit and you feel alive! When’s the last time you felt that way without the help of some legal or illegal substance?

I don’t blame the medical profession, doctors study diseases and cures, they don’t study how to create robust, healthy humans. They are lucky to get 9 hours nutritional training throughout their entire degree and even that is based on antiquated eating models promoting a foundation of carbohydrates, a non-essential nutrient for human health.

The poor old medical industry comes under a lot of criticism when the public mistakes their role as bastions of health and not destroyers of sickness.  Few doctors have the time or inclination to cure your illness and then tell you to come back to discuss how to get super healthy. A medical check up is looking for something wrong, if nothing obvious pops up you are considered healthy even if every day feels like a chore and you walk around like a zombie.

So if the heavily regulated medical industry has got fixing illness covered, who is looking at how to make us really healthy?

There are some holistic roles that try and bridge the gap between the two realms of not sick and super healthy, but they are not well regulated, often demonised by the medical industry and to be quite frank can be a bit loopy, which does not help the credibility of ‘alternative health providers’. They have the right idea, but the execution needs work and they are fighting centuries of societal conditioning around visiting a doctor when you are sick and doing nothing when you are not.

Then we have the health and fitness industry; gyms, personal trainers, nutritionists, life coaches etc. They all want to make you more healthy, but in truth are often just trying to make you ‘not sick’ as well. You don’t go to a nutritionist because you are feeling good.  You may not join a gym until you are feeling so bad you need to do SOMETHING, and personal trainers very rarely get to train athletes, they train people in physical crisis, people who need help.

So when it comes to getting super healthy, I’m afraid we are on our own in an unregulated paradise of powders, potions and pills that appeal to anyone seeking that magic bullet to feeling great.

There is no such thing of course and if there was, doctors would be prescribing it, not infomercials.  

So how the hell do we get super healthy without being conned, ripped off, swindled by the 100’s of competing theories and programs all claiming to be just what we need?

  • For a start, stay away from anything that looks too easy! If you are going to get healthy you’ll need to change something and you WON’T want to change it. Because of that reason it is also a good idea to choose something that offers a level of support, to keep you accountable and encourage you to try again when you go off track.
  • Look for a method that makes sense. If you feel bad, but don’t know why, take a look at diet for example. We eat three times a day (or more) so changing something we do so regularly could have a major impact on how we feel whereas switching your morning coffee from full strength to skim latte won’t.
  • Do some research (but don’t go down the rabbit hole and only research, you need to take action). Ask questions, contact the people behind the programs and talk to them so you know they are legitimate and knowledgeable.
  • Then commit, do it, act.

If in a few weeks you should be feeling great, having lost some weight, feeling your zest for life coming back and the world looking a little brighter. If those things don’t happen, you’re doing the wrong program!

If you are a totally frustrated by being led down the garden path and trying to figure it all out yourself though, join our 3 Week Beyond your Belly challenge. We have done all the research for you, navigated all the pot holes and snake charmer BS and created a healthy eating program for men that will make you lose weight and feel great again.

We use real food, give you meal plans, shopping lists, recipes and full instructions and we have an online private support group. We’ve already helped blokes get their mojo back and lose 7-9kgs in a few weeks and we can help you too: www.beyondyourbelly.com


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