The cost of success

Success comes in many forms - for some it is a happy family or marriage, others base it on sporting prowess and trophies, but for the vast majority of us, success is firmly tied to money and financial matters.

There is generally a cost for that type of success because making money means working long hours, eating irregularly and badly, stress and poor quality sleep.

Men are paying the ultimate price for financial success because 20% of them, or 1 in 5, won’t even live to retirement age.  If your business shirt is straining across your belly right now, you are in that risk group with excess weight linked to the two leading causes of death world wide – stroke and heart disease.

It is also linked to high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes and even some cancers, which threaten to destroy your quality of life even if you make it to the ‘golden years’.

Is any amount of money worth that? 

There is some good news for you overworked, time-poor blokes because taking time out to go the gym is NOT the answer, in fact that can make things worse. 

You can actually get rid of that extra weight just by changing your diet and you may find you have more energy, mental clarity and less sick days meaning you achieve greater financial success.

If you want to increase your chances of enjoying retirement, check out our men’s weight loss program for busy executives Beyond your Belly. You get everything you need to lose weight and feel great - full meal plans, full shopping lists, full recipes and instructions for delicious food you can make in under 10mns - and you can get all the ingredients at the supermarket.

With your health and finances both in check, then you can spend time on what you love doing once retired - just how it should be!


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