The vilification of keto

When you break it down, ALL the ketogenic diet does is eliminate sugar and processed carbohydrates from your diet and up your good fat intake.

We KNOW sugar is bad for us.

We KNOW processed carbohydrates are bad for us.

We now KNOW, after science did a complete 180, that good fats are great for us, so why do people still insist on demonising the ketogenic diet?

We are all on a ‘diet’, it is just a collective term for the food we eat regularly. If you eat fast food 51% of the time you are on a ‘fast food diet’. If you live on fruit and not much else you are on a ‘fruit diet’.  Our entire lives we are on a diet.

Where the ketogenic diet comes under criticism - based on a lack of knowledge or fear - is that eating that way changes the predominant fuel source of our body.

Most of the world runs on glucose. Sugar is glucose, carbohydrates convert to glucose, even excess protein will convert to glucose. Knowing that sugar is bad for us, why would we want to run our bodies on it?

Ketones can also fuel our body. They are created through our liver via a completely natural process that needs no help from supplements or pills, just an absence of glucose in the body for a few days.

Go back 1000’s of years before sugar appeared everywhere and bakeries weren’t around and ask how did we survive?

We hunted, we foraged and we ate what was available from the land. We still ate sugar even back then, in fruit and cavemen used to dry honey and eat it, but we didn’t survive on it, it didn’t fuel our body 24/7 causing irreparable damage.

Probably the greatest part about ketones is that they don’t rely in insulin to power us through the day. Insulin and glucose are both essential to fuel a sugar filled body and in the next ten years as science catches on you will read about just how bad insulin really is for human health.

So knowing a ketogenic diet is made up of select vegetables, meat and natural fats you would label it a natural diet. A glucose-based diet consisting of sugar, processed carbohydrates and pre-packaged foods made in laboratories could be labelled an ‘artificial diet’.  

And maybe that is the real reason behind all the haters - we exist in a time where natural is fringe and artificial is vogue.

So if you are a rebel, a free thinking trail-blazer, an anarchist or non-conformist, don’t believe the hype about the evils of a ketogenic diet.

Experiment with it, feel what it does to your weight and health and then decide where you stand. The world doesn’t need another villain, we already have plenty of those. 


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