About Beyond your Belly

Despite what you might think, losing your belly is not hard! 

In just 3 weeks you can be around 8kgs lighter & feeling great eating nothing but food you can buy at the supermarket and without some crazy exercise regime.

This program was designed by men, for men so the food tastes great, it's easy to make and it fills you up. Cooking time has been kept to a minimum so all you need to do is follow the guide like an IKEA flat pack to get a flat stomach.

The program is based on a ketogenic diet which burns fat as fuel, but you don't worry about the science, just focus on the results and you can read all about those in our testimonial section.

You get EVERYTHING you need on this program:

  • An easy to follow guide explaining exactly what to do. 
  • Full meal plans telling you what to eat and when. 
  • Complete shopping lists.
  • Simple, tasty recipes with full instructions a 10-year old could follow
  • Exclusive access to a members only Facebook group to ask questions, get support and be inspired. 

But this is not just a weight loss program, it is a health program that will:

  • Reduce inflammation, stress and aches and pains
  • Help you look healthier
  • Give you more energy and mental clarity
  • Help you sleep better
  • Reduce the risk of a BUNCH of nasty diseases you don't want.

And THAT all adds up to you being a better dad, husband, partner, mate and man! 


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