"Wow what a great programme, I personally found it easy to follow through and the results were easy to monitor and noticeable after week 1.

The meals were nutritious and I didn’t feel hungry and all.  

Over the 3 weeks I managed to loose 15kg and would recommend Beyond Your Belly to anyone who is wanting and willing to lose some of those extra kg’s we all tend to put on as we get older."

Geoff, New Zealand




"End of week 3 and down 7kgs/15lbs. Love the end result!"



"Started at 99.8 and was smack on 91kgs yesterday so that’s nearly 9kgs/20lbs in 3 weeks. More importantly are feeling great and have a lot more energy. The recipes are simple to follow and super easy to cook."


Probably the simplest, most enjoyable and effective weight loss and well being programme I've ever seen for men. Staggering. HIGHLY recommend this.


Just finished the 3 week programme - was pretty easy to follow - liked the simplicity of the shopping list and recipes. The first 4-5 days the hardest. Down 10kg cheers.


This program is simple to follow and meals are easy to prepare. Tony is always there to keep you focused and on target. This program was an eye opener just how much and how unnecessary we eat. Results were felt and noticed after just one week. I highly recommend this program to anyone regardless of weight as it is a healthy lifestyle for all shapes and sizes. Thanks BYB!


I found the programme so beneficial while on it and learn how to fight against my cravings which I always used to struggle with. Also my allergies fully cleared up and my skin complexion also along with it. And benefits for me on the plan was that the meals were set in the recipes and shopping list along with it made it hard to come off plan. I would totally recommend all people struggling with dieting to give this one a go it’s worth it. 1MODE!

Be our next success story

Imagine your story here. In just 3 weeks it could be.

Be our next success story

Imagine your story here. In just 3 weeks it could be.


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